Above The Clouds Siberian Service Dogs

Uniting Canine Partners with Veterans
Medical Alert and Task Training
AKC Training Courses and AKC Evaluations


Under US Veteran ownership and operation, we provide breeding and service dog programs in the beautiful mountains of Woodland Park, Colorado. At Above the Clouds Siberian Service Dogs, we are passionately training canine partners in Medical Alert and Medical Tasks. As a small local company our staff can provide individual attention to our clients. Clients/Future Handlers are matched with a compatible dog based on needs, personality, and capability of the canine partner.

Our company is diligent in providing healthy and balanced dogs by maintaining genetics, health, and activity. Most importantly, all breeding-age dogs have an Embark DNA test which provides information on genetics and possible defects. Therefor our litters have a champion bloodline and are free from 201 genetic defects. The ATC pack undergoes the Volhard Temperament Assessment and the BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) Hearing Assessment in the first 12 weeks. Additionally, we have built a strong working relationship with Animal Medical Center of Woodland Park and Dr. Kip Madsen, DVM; ensuring all our dogs are healthy and happy. 

ATC Siberian Service Dogs

ATC Services

Group, one on one, and online/virtual training. Offering CGC basic obedience, Pre CGC, and CGC training.
AKC Training Courses:
  • S.T.A.R Puppy
  • Basic Obedience
  • Pre CGC
  • CGC

Flexible training course options available!

Our trainers have extensive knowledge of both animal behavior and successful training techniques. The training team also has AKC Evaluator certifications allowing them to train and approve CGC titles.

Siberian Husky Pups:
  • AKC Registered litters
  • Health certified
  • Temperament Testing
  • Service or Non-service options
Yakutian Laika Pups:
  • FCI Registered
  • Health Certified
  • Temperament Testing
  • Service or Non-service options
Breeding services for Siberian Husky and Yakutian Laikas available for Service or Pet. Adolescent dogs in the training program available for placement.

ATC Community

The ATC Our Hero’s page highlights service dogs placed with veterans and are heroes for their handlers in daily challenges. Additionally, the information provides resources and guidance on choosing a service dog, benefits service dogs contribute to PTSD symptoms, and tasks your service dog can perform for PTSD symptoms.

ATC VA Therapy Dog – Sega

Siberian Husky Service Dog at a special event

Fur Ball Gala – Miso

Industry Connections

AKC, FCI, IACP, and Mush with P.R.I.D.E are professional organizations specializing in training and fair treatment of dogs/puppies. ATC has cultivated an ongoing relationship with these organizations.