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About ATC

History and Development of ATC

Our Origins

Barrett and Tim Stensgaard founded Above the Clouds (ATC) Siberian Service Dogs, LLC in 2016 after searching for a PTSD service dog and falling in love with the qualities of Siberian Huskies and recognizing service abilities in the breed. ATC Siberian Service Dogs, LLC is a veteran owned and family run company. They are passionate about the development and placement of their dogs. Providing custom placement and match dogs to clients based on need, personality, and continuous development. Many clients continue to provide updates and communicate with ATC long after AKC certification is achieved.

In 2021 the small company was recognized for the work they are doing by the local media. The Gazzette Pikes Peak Courier published an article about the owners and the company, highlighting the abilities of Siberian Huskies to learn assistance tasks.

Above The Clouds Siberian Service Dogs trains canines for PTSD sufferers, others

The Owners

Barrett qualified as an AKC Evaluator in 2020 allowing her to expand training services to complete CGC, CGCA, and CGCU certifications.

Since building the company the founders have expanded to offer dual task training, online training, and the addition of Yakutian Laikas to the company. The company has successfully trained for PTSD, seizure alert, diabetic alert, stability/mobility tasks, and neurodivergent tasks. Newly launched, Laiks4Autism program matching Yakutian Laikas with neurodivergent children and adults who struggle with daily life tasks.

We believe that our dogs are an excellent choice for service, as our line dates back hundreds of years, and were working dogs throughout history. These dogs are uniquely suited for service with their extreme intelligence, strength, agility, and loyalty.  They are highly emotional, and bond completely to their handlers. We have a passion for these dogs and hope to see more Siberians and Yakutians finding jobs in service.

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