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The organization offers many levels of training services available in group, individual, and virtual settings. The Training Group is educated and specialize in animal behavior. ATC uses the Volhard Method of training which uses positive reinforcement to learn tasks.

Training Courses

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ATC Trainers

Barrett Leary-Stensgaard

Barrett was fascinated with dogs from a young age. She found an uncanny ability to connect with dogs. She formed a strong bond with the neighbors Siberian Husky named Chi, talking, and hanging for hours with her. After leaving home, her first dog was a black Siberian Husky mix named Sabbath. Sabbath was always at Barrett’s side, and she spent everyday training and teaching sabbath agility tricks. While raising her family, Barrett owned and showed boxers for many years, she worked with many trainers and rescue groups volunteering her time. While in the Wichita and Kansas City Areas her volunteer work honed her skills working with all breeds of canines. In 2011 Barrett moved to Colorado and adopted a Norwegian Elkhound from the Humane Society.

When her husband Tim expressed his interest in finding a Siberian Husky, Barrett was overjoyed to help locate Odin. She Participated in the training progress and her love of training reignited. She became interested in promoting Siberian Huskies for service work. Since taking an active role in finding a suitable Siberian prospect to be her husband Tim’s service dog “Odin”, she became aware of the lack of service quality in Siberian’s. Despite the breed’s reputation, she realized that these amazing working dogs were well suited to service work. She realized the potential of Nordic breeds and set out to build a program to match others with Siberian Service Dogs. She has cultivated a unique connection with Nordic breeds, which helps facilitate her ability to train for service.

Founder, Owner, and Trainer, Barrett T. Leary-Stensgaard is a wife and mother of 5 children. Barrett has been a business owner for more than 11 years in the Woodland Park, Co area. Barrett has over 25 years in the dog industry and is an official A.K.C. Evaluator. Barrett has worked for several years with M.L.U on advanced service dog tasking techniques, as well as developing her own methods. Barrett developed a deep connection and understanding of the Siberian and Yakutian breeds. Barrett and Tim realized that implementing the use of embarking to manage the genetics and temperament of their service dogs was paramount to their success. With the addition of Yakutian Laika’s (an 8,000-year-old ancient breed that pre-dates Siberian Huskies) she hopes to provide an additional option for different types of clients and autistic children. The Yakutian breed is extremely versatile, having been bred to pull sleds, hunt, guard, and herd with nomadic tribes. Barrett continues to grow and learn by attending training seminars and clinics to better accommodate the needs of her clients. Barrett works with other service dog companies and trainers to further her knowledge and uses the Volhard method of evaluation and training.

Barrett is pleased and excited to have recently trained her first diabetic alert dog, Cyclops. Cyclops lives with his handler Eve in Reno, Nv; He has been trained to alert to high and low blood sugar levels as well as providing mobility/stability tasks.

Above the Clouds Siberian Service Dogs, LLC. Certified Professional Trainer

Tim Stensgaard

Tim Stensgaard, a co-owner of ATC Siberian Service Dogs with his wife Barrett. Tim retired from the US Army Special Forces five years ago after twenty-five years of service. His career culminated with an assignment at NATO Headquarters where he served as an instructor for the Special Operations Planners Course, worked on the NATO Special Operations Forces Current Operations Staff, and was a member of the NATO Crisis Response Coordination Center. He also has had Civil Affairs, Humanitarian Assistance assignments, and worked closely with the originators of the Special Forces Multi-Purpose Military Working Dog Program. He deployed to Iraq with the first ever Special Forces Team to employ dogs in combat. These were the original Belgian Malinois dogs like the one you may have seen on the news that helped take down ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi.

I look at situations analytically and have training in quick critical thinking. I am a problem solver and believe in the win-win negotiating style. My priority is the best option for our dogs, and the success of each team. I work toward the best possible outcome for our teams, I want each dog to be successful in doing their job for the client, which intersects with serving the greater good for our company.

Above the Clouds Siberian Service Dogs, LLC. Certified Professional Trainer

Charissa Lewis

Charissa Lewis was born in Tucson, AZ where she spent her childhood dreaming of being a dolphin or tiger trainer. Even as a small child, Charissa enjoys learning about and interacting with animals, especially dogs and horses. Charissa was extremely passionate about animal welfare and conservation, Charissa attended the University of Arizona to study Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, obtaining a bachelor’s degree. While in college, she volunteered for Tucson Wildlife Center rescuing and rehabilitating all types of native wildlife, including raptors, bobcats, javelina and raccoons. Charissa excelled in the field so well she remained with the Wildlife Center for 5 years and became a senior volunteer, training new volunteers. In 2016 she decided to attend the Animal Behavior College’s (ABC) Dog Training program and graduated as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer in 2017. Charissa has completed her Externship for ABC at Colorado Dog Works under Sarah Fricke. Charissa started volunteering at TCRAS in Woodland Park, Colorado during her ABC schooling, and is still volunteer there to this day. In 2021 she became a certified AKC Evaluator.

Since obtaining certification she has worked with All Breed Rescue in Colorado Springs, Above the Clouds Siberian Service Dogs, My Life Unleashed and Furry Friends Dog Training of Woodland Park doing basic/intermediate obedience, CGC classes and service dog training.

BS EEB Certified Professional Dog Training Above the Clouds Siberian Service Dogs, LLC. Certified Professional Trainer

Rolleen Margerum

Rolleen Margerum has always wanted to be a dog trainer since she was a child.  Little did she know what the universe had in store for her, until she lived at a dog training academy in Florissant, Colorado. She learned dog psychology, pack life, and how to rehabilitate dogs set to be euthanized.  She was given the great opportunity to give dogs a purpose, as PTSD service animals for veterans.

Rolleen discovered how vital these well-trained dogs are to children with disabilities, such as autism, which in some cases, can include stability and mobility issues.  This has informed her passion for these miraculous dogs, as she is both, a daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, and a mother of two children with autism.  It is an incredible system, and deeply rewarding.  Her passion has driven her to assist in training dogs, to keep them out of shelters.  Rolleen is grateful to have the privilege to assist veterans, women, and children with disabilities in getting off the service animal waiting list, and on the road to a better life. “It is my dream to help as many people as possible”.

Above the Clouds Siberian Service Dogs, LLC. Certified Professional Trainer

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