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Above The Clouds Siberian Service Dogs, LLC is a veteran owned and operated company striving to help fellow veterans connect with a service dog companion. Based on personal experience and client feedback the company understands the challenges that come with PTSD and the increased quality of life the right service dog can provide.

A Military Members Guide for Choosing a Service Dog

Service Dogs and PTSD

According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Center for PTSD 11-20% of veterans have daily challenges with PTSD symptoms. An increase in suicides and PTSD diagnosis of veterans in 2010 triggered a study by the VA into the benefits of service dogs with PTSD symptoms.

Service dogs performed tasks such standing in front of the handler “Block” or behind “Cover” to prevent people from getting too close, waking the handler during nightmares, and checking a room before the handler enters “sweep”. Participants in the VA study had a reduction of symptoms and increased quality of life after 18 months of working with their service dog.