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Laikas4Autism Program

Laikas4Autism is a newly developed program to match clients with neurological challenges to Yakutian Laika Service Dogs (SD). This breed’s personality traits work well with neurological diversity because of the breed’s calm demeanor, respectfulness, and eagerness to please their people. Neurological diversity is a wider term that includes many different neurological and learning disorders. This wider term is used to identify disorders such as Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia.

As a veteran owned company, ATC passions began with training dogs to assist with PTSD for US veterans,

The organization has expanded the Service Dog In Training (SDIT) program to task train for neurological diversity because of their growing passion of task training dogs and the amazing positive transformation of each service team.

Laikas4Autism Liaison

Anastazia (Stazia) Purciller & Banshee

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At the age of 2 Stazia displayed signs of neurological diversity, through countless programs to help with life challenges throughout her life she didn’t find any solutions until she became matched with Banshee. Although Banshee is a Siberian Husky her calm demeaner matched well with Stazia’s individual needs and personality. Banshee assists with Stazia’s daily challenges, reminders, and behaviors through task training and connection development.

Laikas4Autism Details:

The Laikas4Autism initiative is designed to bring Yakutian Laikas together with clients identifying with neurodiversity to assist them in daily tasks. Stazia will be developing and promoting this initiative as a member of ATC Siberian Service Dogs, LLC. by creating awareness, discussing her life experiences, and demonstrating medical tasks Banshee provides. Stazia is connecting with multiple community organizations that work with children, teens, young adults, and parents experiencing neurological diversity disorders.

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