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ATC Programs

Programs Introduction

ATC Siberian Service Dogs, L.L.C. offers flexible programs to clients seeking task training or an ATC service dog in training.

Training Programs

Above The Clouds Siberian Service Dogs offers many customized programs to allow flexibility for clients. Some clients choose to fund-raise to offset some of the cost of the program, below is a document with fundraising ideas provided by a previous client.

Available Breeds

Above The Clouds Siberian Service Dogs specializes in Nordic Breeds, currently available puppies are Siberian Husky and Yakutian Laika breeds. In the next sections include details about the history and migration of the breeds. Each breed has different qualities and personalities, learning about each breed characteristics will help you understand your service dog better.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky breed dates back to mid 19th century Siberia, the indigenous people of northeastern Siberia called the Chukchi people. The tribe was the first to develop the breed as sled dogs for hunting long distances in the harsh cold climates. Siberian Husky began to move into the US in the early 20th century and eventually became popular in 1925 when sled dogs were responsible for delivering diphtheria medication in the ‘Great Race of Mercy’. Siberian Huskies are an enthusiastic breed, friendly, and easily adaptable to change. They are independent thinkers making them excellent for task training and predicting their handler’s needs.

Yakutian Laika

Yakutian Laika is an 8, 000-year-old aboriginal breed, they originated in the harshest of climates in Yakutsk Siberia. These primitive dogs were critical to the Yakutian people as sled dogs, reindeer herders, hunters, and even guard dogs. Their double coat or wool is the softest most luxurious coat you will ever touch. The breed has a unique and temperament that is hard to describe, to win their trust is a magical and enlightening experience. They bond completely with their handlers and are like cling wrap dogs!

**All programs are subject to availability of dogs/puppies**

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